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KoomiMarket is a B2B F&B marketplace created by Novitee to give quality suppliers the platform to meet qualified buyers consistently.

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Digitalise the ecosystem

Digitisation of the industry continues to remain in its early stages, suppliers still rely on word-of-mouth to meet new customers and merchants are focusing more on manual work processes than growing their business.

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cost saving & new way of revenue generation

With these challenges in mind, our mission at KoomiMarket is to provide a free-to-use platform connecting quality suppliers with qualified buyers, while driving cost savings and new revenue streams through Big Data.

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Solve your challenges

Suppliers like you actually play an important sustainable role in the food ecosystem but no one understand the challenges you face in providing quality ingredients and products. We do these for you: Aquire new buyers, creating online presense, managing bad debts, and process orders.

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Not Just a Platform,
A Voice For You!

Share your brand's stories and products with us!

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