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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is KoomiMarket?
KoomiMarket is a Singapore B2B F&B marketplace. KoomiMarket is a place where quality foodservice suppliers can meet and transact with qualified F&B buyers (restaurants, café, hotels, and other foodservice businesses) consistently.
2. Who are the customers of KoomiMarket?
Our customers are Foodservice / F&B Suppliers and Merchants like café and restaurants located in Singapore.
3. Does it cost me as a Supplier (Sellers) or F&B Merchants (Buyers) to use KoomiMarket?
Signing up an account is free-of-charge. Other relevant charges like GST and processing fees for the payment options will still apply.
4. What type of Suppliers (Sellers) will be selling on KoomiMarket?

Our partners must be certified B2B foodservice suppliers who have obtained the necessary licences or registration with the local authority; with the rights to manufacture, import, export, transship or sell the products.

KoomiMarket will cover a wide spectrum of F&B suppliers that can provide what a foodservice business basically needs; this includes a wide array of food categories and F&B related products like packaging.

5. How do I join KoomiMarket?
Sign-up an account via KoomiMarket as a F&B supplier (seller) / merchant (buyer) or approach our friendly staff ([email protected]) for assistance to onboard the platform.
6. Why does KoomiMarket request for the soft-copy of the ACRA?
As there will be transactions and payment involved on this platform, both KoomiMarket and Fin-Tech companies supporting the payment will need to verify the identities of both suppliers (sellers) and merchants (buyers).
7. Who can view the products listed on KoomiMarket?
Anyone, who registers or signs-up an account with KoomiMarket, can view the full details of the products listed.
8. How do the delivery and production schedule work?
The F&B suppliers (sellers) will be able to set the cut-off, lead and delivery date/time to fulfil the order requirement. With that, the F&B merchants (buyers) will be able to choose the specific delivery date and time at the order check-out.
9. Who does the delivery?
Currently, the F&B suppliers (sellers) will arrange their own delivery fleet / 3rd party delivery service to fulfil the delivery order.
10. What should be carried out at the point of delivery?
It is recommended for both the parties to do a check and verification for the goods delivered against the sale order. Endorsement and photos of the delivered goods should be taken and kept for reference.
11. How do the F&B merchants (buyers) leave delivery instructions?
F&B merchants (buyers) can leave the instruction under “remarks” at the check-out stage or connect with the supplier (seller) for any special delivery arrangement.
12. How do the communication between the F&B supplier (seller) and merchants (buyer) work?
As KoomiMarket is currently still working on the in-app communication tool on the platform, both parties can connect out of the marketplace with the contact details provided.
13. If there is any dispute about the delivery (e.g.wrong item, incorrect quantity, unsatisfactory quality), how will it be resolved?
The F&B merchant (buyer) must raise the dispute within 24 hours and the supplier (seller) will need to look into the matter to resolve it. Once the dispute is resolved, any applicable refund will be carried out. In the case that a common consensus cannot be reached, KoomiMarket will step in to look into the matter.
14. How long should the F&B merchants (buyers) report any issues after receiving the order?
All issues must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Anything that is raised after 24 hours is not guaranteed to reach a resolution.
15. What should an F&B merchant (buyer) do when there is an issue with their orders?

If it is an issue that the F&B merchants (buyers) can resolve with the F&B suppliers (sellers), the buyers can contact the sellers directly. If it is an issue that cannot be resolved by the sellers, buyers can contact our customer service team via texting +65 8168 7729 (Whatsapp only) or emailing, [email protected]. Please have your order number, name, email, company name and any other information or photos ready for reference.

16. When will the supplier (seller) receive the payment after each successful order?
Payment will be disbursed by the end of the week for the completed orders in the previous week.
17. Will the sales order and invoice be auto-generated for each successful order?
Yes, KoomiMarket will generate a sales order and invoice for the supplier (seller) and merchant (buyer).
18. What kind of payment options will be provided on KoomiMarket?
There will be various payment options like credit card and paynow made available on the platform. KoomiMarket is also working with the Fintech companies to build fintech solutions for our customers .
19. Who will follow-up on the late payments from the F&B Merchants (buyers) for payment options like credit card and credit terms model?
If the payment fails due to any unforeseen circumstances, the friendly customer service team from the Fin-Tech company / banks / KoomiMarket will follow-up on the payment based on the agreed payment terms.
20. Who sets the prices of the products?
The F&B suppliers (sellers) will be the ones setting the product prices.
21. How do the F&B suppliers (sellers) manage the account like prices and products?
Each supplier (seller) will have access to the supplier dashboard to manage the account and orders.
22. When will the F&B merchants (buyers) be charged?
The buyers will need to pay upfront when an order has been made unless a separate arrangement has been with the sellers. Any additional payment or refund of excess cost will be carried out for any adjustments at a later stage.
23. Why does my credit card bill not match the transaction on my card?

If your order contains an item that is sold by weight, we'll need payment authorisation for up to 125% of the projected cost when we charge your credit card before delivery.

As a result, your cart amount will show the estimated amount; while your credit card will reflect the additional authorisation amount. When all your orders are packed, the final cost of these orders will be determined.

After the original authorization, if you change or add to your order, we will get the another authorization for up to 125% of the increased amount.