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Terms & Conditions

By registering with Koomi - F&B Suppliers (Sellers) or F&B Merchants (Buyers), you have become a Koomi user.

Please run through these Terms and Conditions as they include important details regarding the users’ responsibilities, legal rights and obligations using this platform.

What We Do

Koomi provides an online platform that allows account users - Suppliers (Sellers) who have food ingredients, products and F&B related items like packaging/cleaning supplies available for sale to F&B Merchants like restaurants and cafes (Buyers). Koomi acts as the limited payment collection agent of each Supplier for the purpose of accepting payments from Buyers but will not be involved as a party in any agreement between Sellers and Buyers. Koomi is not an agent, restaurant, cafe, caterer or food provider.

Koomi cannot and does not have the control over any content posted by Suppliers nor the condition, legality or suitability of any kitchen, processing facility, storage depot or food. Koomi is not responsible for and disclaims any and all liability related to any content and items sold. Sellers are responsible for all the content posted, food provided and any food sold or purchased will be made or accepted at the members’ risks. Buyers will need to ensure that they are eligible and legally qualified to buy products (e.g. alcohol) for their own consumption or re-sale. Koomi does not have control over the behaviour and actions of Suppliers, Buyers or any of the users, and disclaims all liability in this regard to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Users may contact or reach out to Koomi for any query about the stated terms.

General Terms
1. These Terms of Use(“Terms”) govern your use and access to our services, including our websites, applications, interfaces, notification, information, or content made available through Koomi.
2. Reference Terms
(a) “Koomi”- the site with its application, content, services and products.
(b) “Content” - all the wordings, text, video, image, picture, software, audio, information and other materials.
(c) “User” - anyone including buyers and sellers who accesses Koomi.
(d) “Buyer” - a user who enquires and purchases from a Seller.
(e) “Seller” - a supplier who sells their product and/or services via the site. Sellers are independent entities selling their products and/or services.

Usage of Platform
3. By posting any content, images and information publicly on Koomi, users also gave Koomi the rights to use them for promotional purposes with reference to Koomi. Users will still own the rights and responsibility for these content, images and information.

Account Creation and Details
4. To fully access the information and features, users must create and register an account with Koomi as a “Buyer” or “Seller” respectively.Each user should not have more than one Koomi account.The account and profile information will be created based on the information submitted.Users must ensure that the information provided is always accurate, updated and completed.
5. Koomi reserves the right to terminate any account or the use of the site and service if the user is found to have more than one account, or if any of the information provided is not updated, inaccurate and misleading.
6. All users are responsible for any use or activities carried out under his / her account and it is important to always keep the password safe by not disclosing the password to others.Any unauthorised use of the account should be reported to Koomi immediately.

Product Listing, Uploaded Content and Links on Koomi
7. Sellers take full responsibility for all the information and content that he / she uploaded on Koomi; ensuring that products listed are in compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations and not against any third parties’ rights(i.e.intellectual property).
8. With the list of products and details made available on the site, buyers will be able to order based on the information provided.Sellers noted that once a Buyer makes an order, Sellers should not ask the buyer to pay a higher price unless its an agreement between both the Seller and Buyer based on unforeseen circumstances with unexpected price fluctuation across the industry.Koomi will not be part of the agreement between the Seller and Buyer.
9. Koomi reserves the right to make any changes, remove or amend the product, content or information at our sole discretion and reasonable judgment, objective towards the case in violation of the stated and general terms, policies, guidelines, local law and regulations, or harmful to the site or users.
10. For the posted links to other third party websites and information, Koomi will not be responsible and does not endorse as well as have the control on the content and product / services provided.Users should assess and will need to take up the responsibility and risk when accessing this website and its information.

Sellers’ and Buyers’ Responsibilities
11. Koomi is not the contracting agent or insurer for the Sellers.Any agreement or transaction is between the Buyer and Seller and Koomi will not be involved.Seller is responsible for its own actions and decisions on the acceptance of any orders or arrangements with the Buyer.
12. Every user will be responsible for his / her actions, conversation, agreement, information and / or products and services provided on Koomi.None of the mentioned activity or action is endorsed by Koomi.All users should act based on their due diligence and assessment when using Koomi.
13. Users should also give their most truthful and accurate review for any feedback or rating.
14. For the content, images and information made available via Koomi, users will need to ensure that they have the exclusive rights, relevant licenses and permissions to use and also give Koomi the rights to use for promotional purposes.These content, images and information should not infringe and go against any third party’s copyrights, trademark, intellectual property, privacy, law or any other relevant rights.
15. Appropriate Insurance should be obtained by Sellers for producing or selling food or products.Do familiarise yourself with policy for any exclusion or deductible as well as the limitations and coverage for any actions of the Buyers.
16. As a Seller, you are responsible for all aspects of food preparation, health and safety compliance, certifications, compliance with laws, customer service and service delivery.Sellers are responsible for their own representations, acts and omissions as well as the acts and omissions of any individuals who may assist the Sellers in the food preparation or any other way that arises out of or relates to the use of Koomi and application.
17. Both Buyers and Sellers agree to work with Koomi in good faith, and to provide Koomi with information and take actions reasonably as requested by Koomi, in connection with any complaints or claims made by any user.
18. Users are responsible for all their actions, services and / or products and compliance with any of the legal and applicable laws, rules and regulations; terms and conditions that apply with respect to the use of Koomi.With reference to Koomi, the user will not:

(i) tap on any software, systems or potential ways to have any access or crack into the site or application for any unauthorised use;

(ii) use, copy or transmit any content, information, sensitive details and images (meant to be displayed publicly or non-publicly) on the site for any purposes; that is not in-line with Koomi's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy or violates any rights of other users or involved parties;

(iii) purposely cause harm to the site or any other users with use of any damaging software or malwares like viruses, worms, rootkits, trojan horses, botnet, spyware;

(iv) tap on the site to connect and share excessive commercial content or promotional emails or anything unrelated to Koomi;

(v) track and infringe other users’ privacy or request and share or use any of their personal information beyond the transactions through Koomi;

(vi) provide or replicate any product or service that you do not have rights to do so;

(vii) create an account on behalf of or impersonate others;

(viii) connect with other users as well as collection of information for any other non-related matters apart from transactions on the site and services or products to be provided;

(ix) promote on Koomi on the use of other similar sites that support as a B2B F&B marketplace;

(x) misrepresent any other person or entity without the appropriate rights;

(xi) submit any false or misleading information;

(xii) put up or share any contents that infringe a third party’s rights, privacy; against any applicable law and terms of services; offensive and inappropriate that will cause harm to others in any aspect; encourage any harmful and indecent activities.

(xiii) use any inappropriate system or software to download or retrieve details and content from the site;

(xiv) adopt, adapt or replicate the brand, site and its content or any proprietary information of Koomi without any approval;

(xv) gain unauthorised access, breach the security, disrupt, modify or damage the site & other users’ servers, backend systems and any other technological measures;

(xvi) send or post any misleading or false information via email and site respectively;

(xvii) accept or make a payment / transaction outside Koomi wherever possible. Users will take up all the responsibilities and risks for such scenarios and hold Koomi harmless from any liability.

Koomi reserves the rights to look into the matter and conduct any legal proceedings with violations of the above that are not in-line with the legal laws, regulation and terms of service. Koomi may access and reveal any of your information and details required by law; or exercise in good faith to (a) support as any evidence if there are any claims against Koomi or involvement in any legal proceedings, (b) carry out any agreements with the users in-line with terms of services and privacy policy and (c) be used for any appropriate activities such as investigation, de-bugging, fraud prevention etc and (d) protect the rights and safety of all the users on the site.

19. Koomi has no obligation to closely and fully monitor all access and use of the site or content but reserves the right to do so at any time for the purpose of managing the site and protecting the safety of all users to ensure that compliance to any applicable laws, regulations and terms of services is put in place.Koomi reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content or stop the users’ access for the use of the site for any violation of law, regulation and terms of services; causing harm to others.
20. Users can share any suggestion, comment or feedback on the site and users with Koomi via email or any other ways of communication.Any content, information or image shared in these suggestions, comments and feedback should not violate any legal laws, regulations, relevant rights and applicable terms.
21. Users shall connect with other users, use and access the site with the content at their own risks.Koomi is not obligated to vet through all the content and conduct background checks on every user.
22. Users should immediately report any user for misusing the site or content or violating any of the legal, regulations, stated terms and conditions.

Pricing and Products
23. Prices reflected on Koomi are in SGD(Singapore Dollars) and are subjected to changes by Sellers.Stated prices only include the products, before any other relevant costs like delivery and GST.
24. All pictures / images shown are for illustration purposes only.Products may differ slightly from the posted images while Sellers will do their best to deliver the purchased products based on the images.
25. When the Buyer makes an order via Koomi, it will be made at the current - determined price of the products listed.The Seller shall fulfill the order based on this current - determined price unless there are unforeseen circumstances due to supply shortage or industry factors.Sellers need to inform and go into an agreement with the Buyers for any price increase.Buyers have to accept the delivery of all agreed orders.Cancellation can only happen within the stipulated time - frame for cancellation or agreement between the Buyer and Seller.
26. For products that are sold based on weight, the price by weight will be payable by the Buyer and the Seller shall do their best to prepare the required weight as precise and close to the Buyer’s request.In the scenario that the weight of the food supplied varies from the order, the Seller will need to notify the Buyers on the adjustment.Based on the agreement of the actual weight, the extra amount is payable immediately by the Buyer, or refunded by the Seller.If the Supplier does not notify the adjustment, the Buyers are not obligated to pay the extra and have the rights to put up a case for products that are not delivered based on requirement.

27. Sellers are responsible for the food preparation and delivery upon the acceptance of orders.Buyers to note that 3rd party delivery services may be engaged by Sellers.
28. Buyer or the nominated company representatives must be available in person at the stated location within the delivery window to receive the order.Other special instructions like arrangements to leave the products at the shopfront must be agreed and accepted by all parties.If the Buyer or the nominated company representative is not available and leaving the products at a certain place is not viable, he / she must inform and work out the alternative delivery arrangement with the Sellier at least 1 working day before the delivery.In the case that the Buyer did not inform or provide exact location for drop - off of the products and no Buyer / company representative is not around to receive, Sellers at their best discretion will then decide the best place(e.g.shopfront) to leave the products.
29. Products will be recognised as delivered once they have been received by the Buyer or the company representative at the delivery address; or delivered based on the agreed arrangement between the Seller and Buyer.The Buyer will be responsible for any delivery made in accordance to the agreement.Koomi is not liable or responsible for the agreement between the Buyer and Seller with the delivery made.
30. Sellers agree to do their best to deliver the orders within the stated time frame unless there are any reasonable unforeseen circumstances like car breakdown that cause the delay.Sellers should notify the Buyers as soon as possible and re - arrange another delivery based on agreement.

31. With the use of Koomi and the relevant service, Koomi may charge a fee to the Sellers and Buyers.Any other charges and taxes like GST may be applicable as well.For Sellers, these charges will be deducted from Buyers for their payments of products / services.The balance after deduction will be credited to the Sellers via the agreed payment mode.
32. Koomi reserves the right to make any update / changes to the charges for the use of the site and all users will be notified on these revisions.Users can decide and are not obligated to continue the use of Koomi.
33. There may be times when Koomi provides offers and discounts for promotional purposes.Depending on the offer and discounts, the amount to be charged will vary.Unless also made available, this shall have no bearing on the users’ use of the site.
34. Buyers are required to pay the Sellers the agreed amount for their products and services.Once an order has been placed through Koomi, Koomi will support and process the payment of the products and relevant charges on behalf of the Sellers as their limited payment collection agent.These charges include the applicable taxes and these are final as well as non - refundable, unless stated.
35. The payment will be collected based on the preferred and selected payment modes; with a receipt to be followed up.In the event that the primary payment mode does not work due to any reason, Buyers will need to select and include a secondary payment to proceed with the order.Orders will not be processed without any successful payment.
36. Koomi will pay the Sellers on a weekly basis once the payment has been made / collected from the Buyers; one week after the completion of the delivery with no discrepancies and disputes.
37. If a payment / credit term is offered by the Seller via Koomi(if applicable), Seller will be paid on the next payment date once the full payment has been received.
38. Any refund(agreed by Buyer and Seller with any assessment by Koomi) will be carried out by Koomi who is acting as the Seller’s limited payment collection agent for all the payments.With the determination of a refund to be carried out, Koomi will be deducted from payment collected from the Buyers on behalf of the Sellers.
39. The sensitive information like the credit card details are protected with Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption.These details as well as payment are managed by Fin - Tech companies or banks that comply with Payment Card Industry(PCI) Security Standard.Koomi only keeps the non - sensitive information as a reference that is tight to the credit card or bank accounts based on the information provided as part of the Koomi's accounts.At any point of time that you wish to deactivate the Koomi account with these information, you may write to us via koomi @novitee.com.

40. Pre - authorisation of the bank accounts / credit card will be needed by the banks / fin - tech companies which are facilitating the payments.Any query may be raised for pre - authorisation purposes.Orders cannot be processed if the pre - authorisation is not successful.
41. All users are agreeable and will comply with all the terms imposed for the transaction by the third party payment provider - banks / fin - tech companies.
42. If payment is done with Direct Debit, the third party(banks or Fin - tech companies) through Koomi will directly deduct the amount as agreed with the order made via Koomi from the authorised account.The deduction will be carried out based on the agreed timeline.By the selection of direct debit, users have granted Koomi with the banks or fin - tech companies the permission to view the authorised account(i.e.info like available balance and transaction history) to ensure that there are sufficient fund for processing of current orders and assessment for credit terms to pay in the future.
Buyers should stick to the timeline of the agreed payment.The request for deferment must be submitted before the due date and is subjected for assessment and approval by Koomi and the third party - banks and fin - tech companies depending on the agreed terms and conditions.If the debit day falls on a non - working day like a public holiday, it will occur on the next working day instead.
Buyers can terminate the direct debit request authority or raise a dispute any time by reaching out to Koomi.Payments should still be made for all the agreed orders or orders made.
Buyers need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in their authorised accounts for any of the direct debit payments.Failure to do so, Koomi and the bank or fin - tech companies will reach out to you for the payment settlement.
43. Users may be suspended or removed from the use of Koomi if payment terms are not complied.

Claims, disclaimers and limitation of Liability
44. Any legal remedy or liability that Sellers / Buyers seek to obtain for actions or activities by other users, or third parties will be limited to a claim against that specific third party or user who has created the damage.The legal remedy or liability should not be imposed on Koomi for the mentioned claim.
Suppliers / Buyers should not impose liability or seek any legal remedy against Koomi with respect to harm or issue caused by other members or third parties.
45. There is no warranty of any kind to(a) ensure that there are no interruption, safe or error free and(b) meet your expectations when using the site and accessing content(including but not limited to the products / services listed).Koomi provides no warranty for the use of the site, the products or services provided, agreement between the users and the accuracy of content retrieved.No details and advice, in the form of written or spoken, retrieved from the site or content, will create any warranty not expressly made.
46. Users are responsible for all the connection and communication with other users or people whom you come into contact with due to the use of the site.Koomi is not responsible or provides warranties as to the conduct of any users.All users should make the best judgment, assessment and precautions in all the connections and interactions with other users or people whom you come into contact with due to the use of the site.
47. Though Koomi is acting as the limited payment collection agent of the Sellers, Koomi disclaims all liability for any omission or act of any user or third party.
48. Koomi will not be responsible for any form of damages arising out of or in connection with these terms, the services or products provided, delivery by Sellers, the use of the site, any communication or interaction due to the site; whether based on contract, tort, warranty, any applicable law or product liability even if Koomi has been notified of the possible damage, even if a limited remedy set forth is found to have failed of its essential purpose.
49. Dispute Management
(a) In the event of any dispute or claims arising from or related to the supply or order under these terms, users may attempt to resolve the issue with the involved parties or raise the case with the full details and any relevant supporting evidence via Koomi within 24 hours.
Koomi will but is not obliged to look into the investigation of the case that are related to the services / products provided by the Sellers.
Koomi is discharged and released from any of the liabilities and claims made personal and direct against other users(Buyers / Sellers).
(b) In the event of any disputes or claims against anything with reference to the terms and Koomi, this will initially be subjected to mediation, except that each party reserves the right to seek injunctive relief in a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent the violation of any rights, patents or trade secrets.

Copyright Policy, Ownership and License
50. All the users, site and content are protected by the applicable law, regulations, trademark, copyright, terms of services and relevant rights.Users should not violate these stated rights and terms by using, adapting and re - sharing the content, details and images.
51. With the compliance to the relevant rights, applicable laws and regulations, users will be granted:
(i) a limited non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the site for personal use; and
(ii) a limited non-transferable, non-exclusive license to view any Koomi and Users’ content that you are permitted access, for personal and non-commercial use.

52. Users have no right to sublicense the stated license rights.It is important that you do not use, share, adapt, make any changes, distort the content or exploit the site without the appropriate rights and license to do so.

Personal Information and Privacy
53. Users should not share sensitive information unnecessarily as the content shared or uploaded publicly on the marketplace is neither private nor confidential.Caution and good judgment should be exercised when disclosing any information.
54. Personal information that are provided and use with respect to Koomi's Services is in -line with Novitee / Koomi's Privacy Policy(ref: website link to Koomi's Privacy Policy).
55. By becoming Koomi's users, this allows Koomi to reach out to you via any mode of communication like call, sms and / or email etc when necessary in view of business needs.Users may opt out from these communications with the withdrawal from the use of Koomi.
56. Koomi reserves the right to terminate any account or the access of any user who have or are infringing the rights of the owners or holders for their account or proprietary contents.

Compliance with Local Laws, Regulations and Conditions
57. All users should understand how the laws work in their respective jurisdictions and interpret these Terms of Use in accordance with Singapore’s Laws.
58. Sellers need to abide and comply with all the law and local regulation by not listing or selling restricted / prohibited products and services.Sellers must register, obtain the necessary permit or license before making or selling any food ingredients and products to Buyers on Koomi.Failure to comply, involved parties will face the penalties in accordance with Singapore’s laws.
59. These stated terms and use of the services will be interpreted in accordance with Singapore’s laws and regulations.Koomi and users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Singapore’s courts.
60. Any failure to enforce any provision of these Terms by Koomi does not mean a waiver of such enforcement of that provision in the future as well.Such waiver will only apply to written agreements entered between the users and Koomi.Except as expressly provided in the terms, the exercise by either party of any of its remedies under these terms will be without prejudice to its other remedies unless stated otherwise.In any case that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any of these terms not valid or enforceable, the provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible by law and the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Terms of Services and Agreement
61. Users should only access and use Koomi if he / she is agreeable to the listed Terms, which establishes a contractual relationship between the user and Koomi.These Terms expressly supersede any prior agreements or arrangements.Koomi may terminate these Terms immediately or services with respect to you, or stop the access to the Site and Application or any portion thereof, at any time for any reason before an official notification.
62. Supplemental terms that apply to other services such as promotion, activity or event will be disclosed to the relevant users with reference to the applicable services.These supplemental terms shall prevail over the Terms in the cause of any conflicts of interest.
63. Terms related to the services are subjected to changes from time to time.These amendments will take effect from the posting of such updated Terms, policies or supplemental terms on this site or other relevant sites and application.Users can use the “Last Updated Date” as reference on the date that the terms are last updated.
64. By continuing the access or use of the site and services after these updates, the users are agreeable to and bound by these new or amended terms.Users should stop using the Site or any services provided by Koomi if he / she is not agreeable to the terms.
65. The entire terms and conditions comprise the exclusive agreement and understanding between the parties - users and Koomi; with reference to the site, content, transactions, orders, communications via the site.These stated terms will take the place of any other written or oral agreements between the users and Koomi.
66. Users are not able to transfer or assign these stated Terms without Koomi's agreement.Koomi however may transfer or assign these Terms at its best discretion.These terms and conditions will take effect to the benefits of the users.
67. Any updates or notifications, including the changes in the Terms will be done or carried out by Koomi via the various modes including(a) email or(b) direct updates on the site.These changes will take effect from the day that the email is sent or updated on the site.
68. Users agree and are aware that the payment gateways are managed by the third party beneficiaries of the terms for purposes of enforcing provisions relating to payments, but their agreement or consent may not be obtained for any updates or changes to the terms.
69. Users are not bound into any relationship such as partnership, joint venture, agent, employer and employee between any party.This means that the users will not have the authority to act as agent or represent any other parties to bind others to any obligation.

Accounts related matters(Cancellation, Termination and Suspension)
70. Koomi, at our best discretion and without any liability, with reasonable assessment in making a decision to restrict, suspend or terminate any user’s account at any point of time; with or without any notice.
71. With the suspension or termination of the Koomi's account, users will not be able to access the site or content meant for Koomi's users.Any incomplete or confirmed orders will not proceed and this will be communicated with your buyer or seller with reference to the orders made.For suspended sellers, we may refund the buyers for the confirmed orders, regardless of any cancellation policies set.For suspended buyers, users will not be eligible for any compensation in the form of refund.
72. Cancellation or deactivation of accounts can be carried out based on request via email.Any content, information and details tied to the deactivated account may be deleted and are not retrievable in the future.

73. Users are agreeable to hold Koomi and its related entities, with its directors, employees, and agents harmless from and against any claims, damages, liabilities including without limitation, reasonable legal fees, resulting from or in any connection with (i) the use or access of the site and content or violation of these stated terms and conditions; (ii) content; (iii) communication with other users; (iv) orders or transaction; (v) products or services listed; (vi) food consumption, including but not limited to any relevant damages with respect to or as a result of the food ordering or consumption.